Thursday, 9 August 2012

I have a plan . . .

. . . and it goes like this:

Several reviewers have said that Losing Face should be on the National Curriculum.  I can't seem to find out how a book is considered for the NC, so I am going to start at the bottom and work up!
  • Yes, I have already started with pupils, who say they like the book and have talked to their teachers
  • I am sending out a review copy to each of those teachers who express any interest (within reason!)
  • I propose to go into schools to do readings - overcoming my fear of being too old to read the part of a 15-year old
  • I shall send a book to my old school.  They won't remember me, a few decades after I failed to achieve a great deal there, but it might encourage someone else who wants to write.
  • I am following up the suggestion from the lovely Kate of Children@Heffers and going into some Cambridge Schools - she said she will recommend me
  • I think I can track down at least one English Adviser who will be thoroughly lobbied
  • And I will certainly find a signed copy for Michael Gove!!
Giving away review copies may be a trifle expensive but those of you who have read my previous blogs may notice that there is not a single instance of walking into a bookshop in this plan.  So I shall save on stress as well as fuel as it's miles to anywhere from my home.  Bookshops aren't all bad; I have had a really positive response from Waterstones in King's Lynn, Heffers in Cambridge and Soham Books in - guess where? - Soham, but otherwise there has been nothing much to encourage me.

So, on with the new plan, and if that doesn't spread the message to those who need to hear, well, I have a plan B . . .

But that's a long enough blog for today.  Enjoy your reading and may all your writings land neatly in front of eager consumers.