Sunday, 12 October 2014

Worth waiting for?

How long since I last blogged?  How long?  I could write a whole page about the way those slippery slithers of minutes and moments have disappeared, but  I will just apologise to anyone who has expected more frequent thoughts and scribbles.

It's not as if nothing has happened - life seems to have been jam-packed with events.  Some brilliant, others not so good.  But isn't it the way that sometimes those difficult moments turn out to be just rough boulders blocking our way to keep us going in the right direction?

I went to university late - with a husband and family of four lively children it was hard work.  I lived at home, travelling to Bristol University from Axbridge daily, usually arriving back in time to collect the children from school.  Although I had no idea where it was leading, I began a Psychology and Sociology degree.  Just before the last term of the first year I became very ill with - of all things - whooping cough!  I know this is a disease usually contracted by children, but I never do things in the right order.

I had around three months bedrest.  As my health improved, I began to think about my life.  Taking joint honours was busy but I loved it.  But something (or Someone?) was telling me that I should drop Sociology.  This was strange as I had demonstrated quite a flair in it.  I had been reading Social Administration as well and found it really easy, in fact I could go straight into the second year on the strength of the coursework marks.  Psychology was the challenging subject.  But in the Autumn I gently coughed my way through the Psychology exams, along with those students who were resitting.  I passed, so was allowed to transfer to the single honours course.

If I hadn't had whooping cough I would have continued with two subjects.  As time went on I learnt about clinical psychology; it was a revelation; I had found the career I really wanted.  I looked up the requirements for training.  I was amazed to discover that a joint honours degree in Psychology and Sociology would not have given me eligibility to apply for an M.Sc in Clinical Psychology but I had what I needed; a single honours degree in Psychology.

It has been tremendous to work with people to help them change and become psychologically well.  I love my work even though it is often challenging and sometimes can be exhausting.  It has developed my love of writing, too, as I worked on therapy books with other colleagues.  Nowadays I am working far fewer hours to leave time to write fiction, too.

I thank God that I learnt more than academic subjects in that time at university - I discovered that if I go forward but get it wrong, he is jolly good at making sure I stop in my tracks and listen for directions!

That's it for now, I'll try not to leave it so long next time.



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