Friday, 5 August 2011

To sign, or not to sign?

[This was written on 12th July - but my blogging skills lack some refinement, so I have just discovered it lurking in the place where all good drafts slumber - or waft annoyingly, depending on your spelling!  Still, better late than never, so here are my thoughts from the middle of last month:]

Some exciting news reached me last week, via my Blackberry.  My internet connection had gone haywire, so I have spent a whole eight days with only my little Blackberry screen to read.  But there it was - the offer of a contract to publish 'Losing Face'!  I scrolled up and down, back and forth, reading the email until I was sure.  Amongst all the moving images as I scrolled, I realised there were strings attached - in the form of money to pay for some of the services the company offered.

So my dilemma remains - in a slightly different form.  This is not self-publishing - they have now agreed that they will pay for all the publishing element - but it is nevertheless costing something for distribution and advertising.  But maybe I should invest in it?  If I don't believe in my book - who can?

Those of you who know me can imagine that I am now thinking about it a great deal and praying.  I know there was a reason to write this book and that somewhere, somehow, it will be published.  Is this the way?  Some of you will have noticed that I am plaguing published friends (and even strangers!) to find out their publishing stories.  I am astounded at how many others have had to contribute something to costs.

So to sign, or not to sign?  Watch this space . . .


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