Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Just in time

Losing Face came back from the designer at first proof stage.  It was all very exciting, until I realised that I had made two major errors that affected about 45 pages.  I had used email addresses for my emailing characters that were now taken by real people!  I'm glad I noticed in time, although the designer probably isn't and I may have to pay for alterations at such a late stage.  It took many days to find vacant email addresses that would suit the characters - they are still not perfect matches, but are now reserved in their names.  You'll need to wait for the book's publication to know what they are!

Meanwhile, my present novel-in-progress has ground to a halt.  I feel I have been forcing it for quite a time now, so may revert to one I started on when working for my MA or even begin a sequel to Losing Face that keeps popping into my mind.  My next blog will be full of enthusiasm for whichever novel is in favour.

All thoughts of running a retreat (as mentioned in an earlier blog) are on hold - the room is full with a temporary lodger and his many books.   He's not a writer but an avid reader who enjoys collecting books as resource material.  Come to think of it, he is a writer - of sermons!   Pastors are excellent lodgers - helpful, cheerful, busy and providing prayer and spiritual guidance at the drop of a hat. 
Spiritual guidance . . . now there's a thought.  I'm just popping off for a quick pray re the next novel!


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