Friday, 23 March 2012

Non-writing writing time

It has been a strange block of time since I last blogged.  Writing has been a high priority on my weekly lists but has translated itself into all sorts of other projects - bits and pieces needed for Church, reports for work, going to someone else's reading to try to learn how to promote my writing, putting together an article, attending the Association of Christian Writers' Day and working on the equivalent for Norfolk Christian Writers.  Fortunately, another member of the group has put together a facebook page for NCW and has taken great strides in advertising the event.  But it took a whole designated writing day to look at shortlisted venues.  Once that was agreed I was enthused - so for much of the time since my mind has been filled with ideas on how and what to teach.

Then, of course, there has been time spent on spreading the word re Losing Face and planning for the day when I have to start 'selling myself'.  Only 64 days to publication!  Preparation has included a practice run reading an exerpt from my manuscript to my writing buddy; I thought that went better than expected and looked up at her with relief probably written all over my face.  I had thrown myself into the task, even trying to emphasise some bits with movement.  There was a pause while I waited for her comments.  Then very carefully she suggested that my previous thought of recruiting real teens to read it was an excellent idea.   Was I that embarrassing, I wonder?  It's a good job I wasn't reading from Dancing in the Dark - there's a lot of leaping about in that novel which certainly wouldn't have suited my great age and may have ended in tears.

So maybe it's okay that I haven't sat and scribbled.  I have learnt how not to read my manuscript, have gained the valuable insights of other writers, thought a lot about what we scribblers need to know and how to teach writing.  I'm sure it's all moulding me into some sort of shape.

Trouble is, I now look back at my work-in-progress, Dancing in the Dark, and I have literally 'lost the plot'.  But maybe when I have remembered who's who in the novel, thought about the characters I am trying to portray and filled in all the little missing links and details, I will find that this varied and interesting past few weeks has added a few different dimensions to my writing.

But before I go, here is the information you may need about the forthcoming Christian writers' day.  It is called The Write Idea  and will be held on 16th June 2012 in Norwich Central Baptist Church from 10am - 4pm.  It is open to all writers and will cover a wide range of genres.  Although it only costs £15 per ticket, it will be a really valuable day.  For further information please visit Norfolk Christian Writers on facebook, or email us at or

Happy scribbling,

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  1. Very good luck with it all! And your plot will come skipping and spinning back to you, I have no doubt x