Sunday, 6 May 2012

Carefully excited

I have discovered that, when recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis, it is quite difficult to dance around with excitement without descending into a frantic coughing fit.  So I am blogging about it instead, to let you know that I am carefully excited about the enthusiasm for Losing Face from three sources - no four! What an answer to prayer.

The first is the local Waterstones.  A review copy was received very warmly and LF will now be stocked in King's Lynn, with a recommendation being written that can be accessed by other stores.  The second is the charity BAAF - some of you may remember I went with my sister Pat on a trek along the Great Wall of China (not all of it!) to support their work with children who cannot live in their birth families.  The issues for teenagers in the care system are a feature of Losing Face, so BAAF were pleased to receive a copy for review.

Then today I have had feedback from the CEO of Changing Faces.  He is so enthusiastic he is going to blog about it - but best of all he is going to recommend Losing Face to those who may benefit from it most.  Young people who have maybe had an accident that has left them with some facial scarring, or have struggled with adversity.

Finally, I coughed my way into Pilates at the end of the session on Friday, too ill to take part but just to let people know about the book.  I was really touched by the way these wonderful ladies responded, encouraging me, making suggestions about who else should know and which bookshops might put on a signing event. 

So thank you to all who are urging me on to publicise and not just hope the book will sell itself.  Especially thank you to Dominic James, my publicist who gently asks where I am sending my review copies - such a polite prod in the right direction - and to Sarah, my writing daughter-in-law, who quite firmly suggested I should go into Waterstones.  And, of course, thank you to everyone else who has encouraged me along the way. 

What have I learnt on this part of the writing journey?  Don't hide away - tell everyone even if it feels uncomfortable.  You may be surprised at the reaction.  If your book has a message that needs to be spread, follow the God-given opportunities and look-out for those that are yet to be revealed.

But then, hiding away does seem rather inviting, especially if with pen and paper or my laptop.  Mmmm . . . where can I go?   There's a problem with the heating in my study.  Airing cupboard, perhaps?  See you later.

Happy writing, reading and many blessings,



  1. Looks like a remarkable book. Would you like to write a guest post about it for the UK Christian Bookshops Directory blog, Give me a shout if so...

    1. Certainly I would! Please give me some guidance - perhaps through my email address above.
      Thank you

  2. Have you looked into putting it on Kindle? It seems to be a pretty simple process and it would widen the market enormously. The royalties are 70%, but it would be available on kindles, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, and Android-based devices.

    More info can be found here;




  3. FANTASTIC news! Congratulations Angela - that book is very great and very important. No more hiding!!xxx