Sunday, 27 May 2012

Flowers, photos and incredible weather

Yesterday.  The garden looked fantastic - two gazebos on the lawn, plus a tent for the children's entertainer.  Croquet set out ready to play.  Beautiful bunting, zigzagging across between the trees, borrowed tables and chairs spread out in the leafy shade.  My family preparing the food in the background.  A sense of excitement.  The time had come.  My book launch celebration event.

It was a great day.  We sat in the sun and lazily chatted, drinking elderflower spritzers and even a little champagne.  Two teens from my family read from Losing Face and the local press sent a photographer.  People who said they would definitely come didn't, but others turned up who hadn't promised anything, which led to some long overdue reunions.  Flowers and cards arrived from friends.  There were no major disastors - the threatened power-cut was over before the guests arrived and I even managed to use the right names (for myself and the book buyer) when signing. 

Not everything was perfect; I have learnt not to make events so long or in such a large area that there is never a crowd, however many come.  And I really must work hard at not over-catering.  Even if everyone with an invite had come, there would still have been too much food.  Although it was good to share the party food that never left the fridge with those at church today. 

I have an interview on Radio Norfolk tomorrow and another one for the local paper later in the week.    Being in the limelight doesn't come naturally for me, but by God's grace I shall cope with this very necessary publicity.   It will be a few weeks before I can regain my writing time, especially as I am very busy with Norfolk Christian Writers too, at present, as we prepare for our first writing event, The Write Idea, on 16th June. (For details email )

Thank you to all my family and friends who worked so hard to make yesterday a success.  And thank you to all those who bought the book - I was so encouraged that people want to buy it.



  1. What a lovely description of your book launch, and also very helpful to others organising a similar occasion. I organised a book launch in my local bookshop in 2010. You learn by experience. One key piece of advice; always overdo the invitations, because there are inevitably no-shows. I was slightly disappointed by those who'd said they'd come but didn't; and also very touched by friends & relatives who travelled a long distance to attend. The ideal is to sell tickets to people that they have to pay for upfront, which includes the price of the book. But that of course is a tricky strategy especially for a new author!

  2. Woo hoo Ange!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news!! It sounds beautiful - and the radio, how was that?? Very very pleased Losing Face is out in the world. Off to buy my copy immediately xx

    1. Yes - wonderful!!!! The radio went extraordinarily well, considering. Next blog, I think. LF has a 5-star review on but none on yet.