Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Still launching

I've had a busy time - but sadly not with writing! 

One of our sons, plus his wife and child, are temporarily living with us after a disastrous house saga involving two house moves in three weeks.    Meanwhile, the writing day I was organising, with some help from others, was a great success but left me exhausted.  At the same time, my day job intensified. Then there were (are!) a few things at Church that claimed (claim) urgent attention. 

This sounds like a list of excuses for my writing being at an all-time low, but somehow I have managed to set in place just enough to ensure Losing Face is gradually taking off.  I have a book event in Littleport on Saturday, when I will be 'presented' by Soham Books and hopefully sign many, many copies of LF.  I sold none at the Norfolk Christian Writers' Day, but nonetheless arrived home with one less copy than I took.  I expect someone will realise they owe me some money.  I don't think anyone connected me with the novel, as I was very busy running around and organising things (under my regular name, not my maiden name) and just FORGOT TO SAY!  Don't tell my publicist, but I am really not very good at self-promotion.

Despite my shortcomings, there seems to be a stealthy spreading of comments about the book across the Net, partly due to complimentary copies sent out by the aforementioned publicist.  A steady ripple of reviews and invites to do guest blogs flows into my inbox.   Sales are happening through Amazon and the bookshops.   Also, I have carried on becoming a minor local celebrity - the feature in the local paper was exactly right, with the main emphasis on the endorsement by two charities: Changing Faces and The Katie Piper Foundation.  The interview on Radio Norfolk went surprisingly well - apart from Stephen Bumfrey using my married name and not Annie Try.  Several reviewers have mentioned that this is an important book and should be on the school curriculum as well as read by adults, all of which has delighted me because I really want it to help people think.

My trips to Waterstones in Cambridge and Norwich have achieved nothing so far, but wasted review copies. However, on a very wet day, I dripped into Heffers (Cambridge) - a wonderful independent bookshop. The children's department manager read it, is very enthusiastic and is not only selling it but has asked me to talk in schools.  It is a very strange feeling to have all this praise for something I have made up.  It feels like cheating, somehow.  People ask me if it is exciting - it was, but now I really don't know - I feel as if I could be on the edge of something but may topple either way.

But it is all fine - I can hang onto my faith and I believe that God knows what's right for me and for Losing Face.  So it doesn't matter much whichever way I topple; like a wobbly toy I will regain my equilibrium!

May those who write be immersed in the joy of discovering beauty in their art and those who read enjoy great tales,



  1. Setbacks are part of writing, but if you're still going, your a success.

    Success with Waterstone's depends on the manager. If they like the look of you, they'll be inerested, if not, they won't.

    1. Ah well, the one in King's Lynn liked the look of me, then - but maybe I don't suit Norwich or Cambridge! Time will tell.

  2. Can't guarantee anything saleswise, of course, but I'm always happy to feature new writers in the UKCBD 'Meet the Author' section if you're up for another guest post - meet those who've gone before here:

    1. Certainly. I am happy to do guest posts now I know how to do them! Thank you for asking me.